Caterpillar Shoes

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A funky little "Caterpillar" shoe for your little one that will make eyes turn and little feet dance across the ground. A super soft and light weight shoe. A delight to see and wear. A great addition to all your kid's clothes.

These shoes are made from EVA, (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) also known as poly(ethylene-vinyl acetate) PEVA.

EVA is "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility. The material holds its colour well, is stress-crack resistant, has waterproof properties, and has resistance to UV radiation. A long wearing fabrication that is fantastic in our summers.

There may be variations of the colours shown.

For sizing, measure your little one's foot and add 1 cm for comfort and wriggle room.

If you are in between sizes it is suggested you go up a size as little feet always GROW into bigger feet.

Eg: Foot is 14.2cm, add 1cm, therefore buy 15.2cm sized shoe.

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