About us

Hi, I'm Helen and the Crocodile Clothing web site is my creation.  I live and work in beautiful sunny Brisbane with my partner. We have an energetic 3 year old boy who is adventurous and active, loves creatures big or small, imaginary and real, as well as crocodiles, Gruffalos, shovelling dirt and chasing insects.

We know that whatever we dress him in, our son will test it beyond what any designer imagined. The stretch test. The food test. Tear and wrinkle testing. Don’t use the brakes on your tricycle when you can use your shoes testing. If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about.

We’ve bought some well known brands only to sadly see them sit in the cupboard and not get worn because ‘I don’t like that’ and we’re not alone - our friends have done the same thing. Sometimes our thoughts on what is a great item of clothing is not shared by our children. Kids are the same as us - we want to wear items that look good and feel good too - it’s that simple.

Crocodile Clothing was created from a need to buy kids clothing items that not only look good, but that kids will love to wear.  I’ve worked in the retail and fashion industry, and fashion design for the past 25 years and now I’m bringing together some of that knowledge in a web site where you can buy items I think both you and your child will like too.

Keep an eye on the site - it will change as different ranges are introduced and the seasons change.


AKA Captain Crocodile x